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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Roadside rest areas
§ 20. Roadside rest areas. 1. The commissioner of transportation is
hereby authorized and empowered to acquire roadside sites along state
highways and to develop roadside rest areas. The commissioner may
utilize for this purpose suitable lands already owned by the state,
except that use of any such lands in the forest preserve or under the
jurisdiction of the department of environmental conservation shall first
be approved by the commissioner of environmental conservation and the
use of any lands under the jurisdiction of the office of parks and
recreation shall first be approved by the commissioner of parks and

2. Such sites shall be so located as to give convenient and safe
access thereto by vehicular traffic and shall be chosen with regard both
to the roadside rest and recreational needs of the traveling public and
suitability for the purpose.

3. The commissioner may in his discretion develop such sites by
providing any or all of the following: a water supply, sanitary
facilities, parking space for automobiles or such other non-commercial
facilities as are suitable for rest and relaxation stops by highway
travelers. The commissioner may also permit the installation of vending
machines dispensing such food, drink and other articles as he deems
appropriate or desirable. Such sites shall be suitably marked and
markings indicating their location may be erected on highways leading

4. At the discretion of the commissioner such rest areas may be
maintained by state expenses from any appropriation for the maintenance
of state highways, or he may enter into agreement with any authorized
municipality for the maintenance by the municipality of such a roadside
rest area for such period and in accordance with such standards as may
be agreed upon.