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This entry was published on 2023-06-23
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Commissioner of Transportation
Highway (HAY) CHAPTER 25

Section 10. General powers and duties of the commissioner of

transportation relating to highways.

10-a. Special powers of the commissioner of transportation.

10-c. Consolidated local highway assistance payments.

10-d. Statewide preventive maintenance plan for highways and


10-e. Additional special powers of the commissioner of


10-f. Long Island suburban highway improvement program.

10-g. Hudson Valley suburban highway improvement program.

11. Maps, plans, specifications and estimates.

12. Commissioner to provide for maintenance, repair, and for

control of snow and ice; roads and driveways on state


12-a. The New York state buy American salt act. 1. Use of

American materials.

13. Qualifications of certain employees.

14. Rules and regulations for state highways.

15. Removal of vehicles.

16. Removal of noxious weeds and brush within state highways.

17. Public hearings.

19. Planting trees and shrubs along state highways.

20. Roadside rest areas.

21. Restoration, preservation and enhancement of natural or

scenic beauty.

22. Multi-use areas adjacent to and recreational, natural and

scenic areas along state highways.

23. Rubber-modified asphalt pilot project.

23*2. Coal combustion by-product demonstration project.