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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Highway (HAY) CHAPTER 25

Section 230. Definitions.

231. Program of comprehensive bridge management and inspection.

232. Uniform code of bridge inspection.

233. State bridges and culverts.

234. Public authority, public benefit corporation, commission,

county, town, city or village bridges.

236. Program of railroad bridge inspection.

237. When town or county expense.

238. Construction or improvement of bridge by county and town or


239. Joint liabilities of towns and their joint contracts.

240. Refusal to repair.

241. Proceedings in court.

242. Supervisor to institute proceedings.

243. Duty of town superintendents.

244. Report of town superintendents, and levy of tax.

245 Appeals.

246. Power of court on appeal.

247. Refusal to repair bridges.

248. Resolution of board of supervisors for abolition of toll


249. Investigation by the department of transportation.

250. Acquisition by attorney general.

251. Payment of expense of acquisition.

252. Maintenance of bridge.

253. Use of toll bridge by public service corporations;

conditions; powers of town board.

254. Acquisition of certain toll bridges at the expense of the


255. Unsafe toll bridge.