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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Highway (HAY) CHAPTER 25

Section 260. Payment of cost of state highway.

261. Apportionment and source of funds.

262. Appropriations by state for the maintenance, repair, and

reconstruction of state highways and state owned

bridges thereon.

263. Payment for construction in connection with railroad

grade crossing eliminations.

264. Provision of funds by county or town.

265. Levy of tax upon county.

266. Payment for machinery, tools, equipment and implements.

269. Extraordinary repairs of highways and bridges.

270. Audit of damages without action.

271. Limitations of amounts to be raised.

272. Submission of propositions at town meetings.

274. Provision of funds for bridge and highway purposes.

274-a. Power of county, city or town to provide funds for snow


277. Assessment of village property.

278. Statement by clerk of board of supervisors.

280. Additional amount of state aid.

281. Mileage and actual valuation.

282. Apportionment and payment of state money; liability.

283. Custody of highway moneys.

284. Expenditures for repair and improvement of highways.

285. Expenditures for bridges and other highway purposes.

285-a. Transfers between highway fund accounts.

291. Compensation of supervisor and town clerk.

292. Additional expenditure for improvement, repair and

maintenance of town highways.