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This entry was published on 2022-07-15
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Miscellaneous Provisions
Highway (HAY) CHAPTER 25

Miscellaneous Provisions
Section 300. Private road.

301. Jury to determine necessity and assess damages.

302. Copy application and notice delivered to applicant.

303. Copy and notice to be served.

304. List of jurors, and drawing jurors.

305. Delivery, execution and return of venire.

306. Jury to determine and assess damages; fees of justice of

peace and constable.

307. Their verdict.

308. Value of highway discontinued.

309. Papers to be recorded in the town clerk's office.

310. Damages to be paid before opening the road.

311. Fees of officers.

312. Motion to confirm, vacate or modify.

313. Costs of new hearing.

314. For what purpose private road may be used.

315. Credit on private road.

315-a. Improvement corporations; right of acquisition.

316. Entitled to free use of highways.

317. Drug free school zone signs.

319. Obstructions and their removal.

320. Injuries to highways.

322. Trees, removal from highway bounds.

323. Injuring fruit or shade trees.

324. Penalty for falling trees.

325. Fallen trees to be removed.

326. Penalties, how recovered.

327. Lighting roads, highways and bridges.

328. Lighting of public highways or bridges.

329. Land monuments and markers; duty of highway

superintendents and commissioner of transportation in

regard thereto.

330. Ramps in street curbing.

331. Consideration of complete street design.

332. Portion of the Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail to be

designated as the "Ronald H. Miller Memorial Bike