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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Licenses to reside upon tribal lands
§ 10. Licenses to reside upon tribal lands. A county judge of a
county in which lands of any nation, tribe or band of Indians are
situated, may, upon the request of such nation, tribe or band, grant a
written license to a schoolmaster, teacher or family of teachers, or
minister of the gospel and his family, or priest, to reside upon such
lands, and for that purpose to occupy not to exceed fifty acres thereof,
or may grant a written license to a person to reside upon such lands for
the purpose of instructing the Indians in agriculture or the mechanic
arts, or assisting them in erecting or in keeping in repair a mill or
other machinery, or in the manufacture of salt. Such judge may revoke
such license, and shall revoke it whenever it shall appear that the
licensee has sold or given away to any Indian spirituous liquor or
intoxicating drink. Upon the revocation of any such license, the
licensee may be removed as an intruder.