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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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General Provisions
Indian (IND) CHAPTER 26

General Provisions
Section 2. New York state Indian nations and tribes.

3. Power to contract.

4. Marriage and divorce.

5. Actions in state courts.

5-a. Surrender of tribal records.

6. Exemption of reservation lands from taxation.

7. Partition of tribal lands.

7-a. Purchase of lands of Indians.

8. Intrusion on tribal lands.

9. Residence of other Indians on tribal lands.

10. Licenses to reside upon tribal lands.

11. Trespasses on tribal lands.

11-a. Recovering possession of reservation land.

12. Highways on tribal lands.

12-a. Indian cemetery or burial grounds.

13. Powers of departments of charities and education in

relation to Indians.

13-a. Payments for Indians.

14. Trust funds for Indians.

15. Freedom from toll and ferriage.

16. Indian settlement agreements.

17. (Enacted without section heading).

18. Fire corporations.

19. Fire Protection Contracts.