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This entry was published on 2023-02-10
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Restrictions on insurance producers procuring immigration bonds
Insurance (ISC) CHAPTER 28, ARTICLE 21
§ 2140. Restrictions on insurance producers procuring immigration
bonds. (a) No insurance producer shall require the use of an electronic
monitoring device as a condition of immigration bail. For the purposes
of this section, an "electronic monitoring device" includes any device
that tracks or monitors location, any device that tracks or monitors
biometric data, or any device that records or transmits video or audio
surveillance data.

(b) No insurance producer shall make a referral to or provide contact
information for a legal services provider without:

(1) disclosing in writing, in a language understood by the consumer,
whether the insurance producer or an entity that is an affiliate of the
insurance producer: (A) has a financial or ownership interest in the
legal services provider; (B) is receiving any compensation, either
directly or indirectly, for making a referral to or providing contact
information for the legal services provider; or (C) is compensating,
either directly or indirectly, the legal services provider for the legal
services rendered; and

(2) stating that: "The payment of premiums to the insurance producer
is not for and does not guarantee that you will receive legal
representation. Using this legal services provider is not a requirement
of bail. If you choose to hire this legal services provider, you have
the right to fire the provider at any time and retain your own counsel."

(c) Any agreement, or portion thereof, entered into requiring the
waiving of the requirements of this section or otherwise in violation of
this section shall be void and unenforceable.