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Agents, Brokers, Adjusters, Consultants and Intermediaries
Insurance (ISC) CHAPTER 28

Section 2101. Definitions.

2102. Acting without a license.

2103. Insurance agents; licensing.

2104. Insurance brokers; licensing.

2105. Excess line brokers; licensing.

2106. Reinsurance intermediaries; licensing.

2107. Insurance consultants; licensing and duties.

2108. Adjusters; licensing and duties.

2109. Agents and brokers; temporary license in case of death,

service in armed forces or disability.

2110. Revocation or suspension of license of insurance producer,

insurance consultant, adjuster or life settlement


2111. Revoked licensees.

2112. Certificate of appointment of an insurance producer to act

as an agent and notice of termination of an insurance


2113. Title insurance agent commissions; disclosure.

2114. Life, accident and health insurance agents; commissions.

2115. Property/casualty insurance agents; commissions.

2116. Insurance brokers; commissions.

2117. Acting for or aiding unlicensed or unauthorized insurers

or health maintenance organizations.

2118. Excess line brokers; duties.

2119. Insurance agents, brokers, consultants, life settlement

brokers, and title insurance agents; written contract

for compensation; excess charges prohibited.

2120. Fiduciary capacity of insurance agents, title insurance

agents, insurance brokers and reinsurance


2121. Broker authorized to receive premium, when.

2122. Advertising by insurance producers.

2123. Misrepresentations, misleading statements and incomplete


2124. Stay or suspension of superintendent's determination.

2125. Marine insurance; acting as agent, broker or insurer of

persons without insurable interest.

2126. Impersonation at examinations prohibited.

2127. Penalties for violations.

2128. Commission and fee sharing prohibited.

2129. Duty to have an agent or broker at each place of business.

2130. Excess line association.

2131. Limited license for rental vehicle companies, wireless

communications equipment vendors and self-service

storage companies.

2132. Continuing education.

2133. Forged insurance identification cards.

2134. Change of address.

2135. Administration of certain functions.

2136. Reciprocity.

2137. Life settlement brokers; licensing.

2138. Health benefit exchange navigators.

2139. Title insurance agents; licensing.

2140. Restrictions on insurance producers procuring immigration