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This entry was published on 2022-08-12
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Multiple rating programs
Insurance (ISC) CHAPTER 28, ARTICLE 23
§ 2352. Multiple rating programs. (a) Subject to the superintendent's
prior approval, an insurer may establish more than one rating program
within the same company for policies of insurance that are subject to
section three thousand four hundred twenty-five or section three
thousand four hundred twenty-six of this chapter; provided that:

(1) each rating program shall apply only to policies newly written on
or after the effective date of the rating program but prior to the
effective date of any subsequently approved rating program; provided
however if an insurer terminates a rating program, then the insurer
shall renew the policies that were subject to the terminated rating
program in a subsequently approved rating program.

(2) the provisions of subsection (f) of section three thousand four
hundred twenty-five and subsection (b) of section two thousand three
hundred forty-nine of this chapter shall be applied to each rating
program to which they are applicable separately.

(b) The superintendent may promulgate rules and regulations to
implement the provisions of this section.