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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Sale of insurance policies by vending machine
Insurance (ISC) CHAPTER 28, ARTICLE 31
§ 3107. Sale of insurance policies by vending machine. (a) Any
provision in a policy of accident insurance, requiring the signature of
the insured, where such insurance is sold by a vending machine, shall be
inoperative and of no effect, unless a notice shall have been placed
upon such vending machine, containing letters each at least one-half
inch high, advising that the signature of the insured must be placed
upon such policy or contract, at time of purchase, to make such policy
or contract valid.

(b) No insurance shall be offered for sale, issued or sold by or from
any vending machine or appliance or any other medium, device or object
designed or used for vending purposes, herein called a device, except as
provided in this section.

(c) A licensed agent may solicit applications for and issue policies
of accident insurance or baggage insurance on personal effects by means
of mechanical vending machines or other coin operated devices supervised
by him and placed at airports, railroad stations or bus stations or
other places to meet the convenience of the public, subject to the
provisions of this section.

(d) Each policy to be sold by or from a device shall be reasonably
suited for sale and issuance through such a device, and the location of
such device shall be one that is of material convenience to the public.

(e) No policy of insurance, issued through any such device shall be
for a period of time longer than ten days, or for the duration of a
one-way or round trip, as applicable.