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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Annual consumer guide on automobile insurance
Insurance (ISC) CHAPTER 28, ARTICLE 3
§ 337. Annual consumer guide on automobile insurance. (a) The
superintendent shall issue and update, as necessary, a consumer guide on
private passenger automobile insurance that shall contain comprehensive
information written in plain language in a clear and understandable
format, including the following:

(1) an annual ranking of automobile insurers: (A) including an
analysis of private passenger insurers in the state which provides, in
detail, a ranking of such insurers from best to worst based on each
insurer's record of consumer complaints during the preceding calendar
year, using criteria available to the department, adjusted for volume of
insurance written; and (B) taking into consideration the corresponding
total of claims improperly denied in whole or in part, consumer
complaints found to be valid in whole or in part, and any other
pertinent data which would permit the department to objectively
determine an insurer's performance; and (C) the superintendent may note,
to the extent relevant, actions taken by the department against an
insurer for violating any law or regulation;

(2) a list of makes and models of automobiles that generally do not
meet underwriting guidelines of automobile insurers or in regard to
which consumers can expect to pay higher premiums as a result of an
automobile's style, model type or other distinguishing features, except
that specific insurers shall not be identified for purposes of such

(3) an explanation of all types of automobile insurance required by
law and available as optional coverage, including policyholders' rights
under these types of coverage and when making claims;

(4) an explanation of and information on the automobile insurance plan
established pursuant to article fifty-three of this chapter, including
how motorists in such plan should proceed in attempting to obtain
insurance in the voluntary market;

(5) recommendations as to how best to shop for and compare prices,
service and quality of automobile insurance coverage;

(6) an explanation of prohibited discriminatory practices applying to
insurance companies, agents and brokers; and

(7) a department toll free consumer hot-line through which consumers
may initiate complaints, and request general information, about
automobile insurance.

(b) The requirements set forth in subsection (a) of this section may
be satisfied by separate or supplemental publications and updates.

(c) The superintendent shall post the consumer guide on automobile
insurance on the department's website.