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This entry was published on 2023-03-10
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Administrative and Procedural Provisions
Insurance (ISC) CHAPTER 28

Section 301. Regulations by superintendent.

302. Supervisory colleges.

306. Immunity from prosecution.

307. Annual statements; audited financial statements.

308. Special reports.

309. Examinations of insurers; when authorized or required.

310. Examinations; how conducted.

311. Filing of report on examination.

312. Report on examination to be forwarded.

314. Public retirement and pension systems.

315. Professional malpractice or misconduct; reporting


316. Electronic filings.

317. Compliance with reporting requirements of the financial

security act.

318. Reports of fire losses; availability of information.

319. Release of information resulting from insurers'

investigation of fires.

320. Records to be made available by organizations subject to

the provisions of this chapter.

321. Medical information exchange centers.

322. Prohibited referral payment to licensees by motor vehicle


325. Records of domestic insurers.

329. Certificates as evidence; affirmation of documents and


330. Rating services available to other states.

331. Superintendent to maintain index of tax districts;

insurers' requirements.

333. Assessments to defray expenses of Committee on Valuation of

Securities of the National Association of Insurance


335. Implementation of hospital reimbursement methodology.

336. War risk exclusion; notification.

337. Annual consumer guide on automobile insurance.

339. Colorectal cancer screening notification.

340. Report of claims that may result in a monetary award.

341. Notification regarding qualified health insurance plans.

342. Public awareness to finance long term care.

343. Mental health and substance use disorder parity report.

344. Mental health and substance use disorder parity compliance


345. Health care claims reports.