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Jurisdiction of county court
Judiciary (JUD) CHAPTER 30, ARTICLE 7
§ 190. Jurisdiction of county court. The jurisdiction of each county
court, except the county courts of counties within the city of New York,
extends to the following actions and special proceedings, in addition to
the jurisdiction, power and authority conferred upon a county court in a
particular case by special statutory provision:

1. An action for the partition of real property, for dower, for the
foreclosure, redemption or satisfaction of a mortgage upon real
property, for the foreclosure of a lien arising out of a contract for
the sale of real property, for specific performance of a contract
relating to real property, for the enforcement or foreclosure of a
mechanic's lien on real property, for reformation or rescission of a
deed, contract or mortgage affecting real property, or to compel the
determination of a claim to real property under article fifteen of the
real property actions and proceedings law, where the real property to
which the action relates is situated within the county; or to foreclose
a lien upon a chattel in a case specified in section two hundred six of
the lien law where the lien does not exceed twenty-five thousand dollars
in amount and the chattel is found within the county.

2. An action in favor of the executor, administrator or assignee of a
judgment creditor, or in a proper case in favor of the judgment
creditor, to recover a judgment for money remaining due upon a judgment
rendered in the same court.

3. An action for any other cause, where the defendant, or if there are
two or more defendants, where all of them, at the time of the
commencement of the action, reside in the county, or where a defendant
has an office for the transaction of business within the county and the
cause of action arose therein, or where the defendant is a foreign
corporation that is doing business within the county and the cause of
action arose therein and where the complaint in such action demands
judgment for a sum of money only not exceeding twenty-five thousand
dollars; or to recover one or more chattels the aggregate value of which
does not exceed twenty-five thousand dollars with or without damages for
the taking or detention thereof.

4. The custody of the person and the care of the property,
concurrently with the supreme court, of a resident of the county who is
adjudicated incompetent to manage his affairs by reason of age,
drunkenness, mental illness or other cause or for whom a conservator has
been appointed; and any special proceeding which the supreme court has
jurisdiction to entertain for the appointment of a committee of the
person or of the property of such an incompetent person or conservatee
or for the sale or other disposition of the real property situated
within the county of a person wherever resident who is incompetent, who
is a conservatee or who is an infant, or for the sale or other
disposition of the real property, situated within the county, of a
domestic religious corporation.

5. Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, any
proceeding which the supreme court has jurisdiction to entertain to
review the actions or determinations of the state board of parole.

6. An action for any claim against a restitution fund established by
such court resulting from its criminal jurisdiction.