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County Court
Judiciary (JUD) CHAPTER 30

Section 190. Jurisdiction of county court.

190-a. When domestic or foreign corporation or joint-stock

association deemed resident.

190-b. Power of county court and county judge co-extensive with

that of supreme court and supreme court justice.

190-c. Terms of county court.

190-d. Place of holding terms of county court.

190-e. Appointment of term to be filed with county clerk.

190-f. Terms of county court in Erie, Onondaga, Monroe, Nassau

and Suffolk counties may be held in parts.

191. Power of county judge to hear special proceeding that

supreme court justice can hear at chambers.

193. Incapacity, disqualification or absence of the county

judges of Suffolk, Dutchess, Ulster and Schenectady


194. Printing calendar of county court.

195. County court seal.

197. Appointment of confidential clerks by county judges of

Kings, Queens, Erie, Monroe, Nassau, Onondaga,

Rockland, Dutchess and Saint Lawrence counties and by

special county judge of Erie county.

198. Appointment of stenographers of county courts.

200. Power of county judges of certain counties to appoint

criers for courts of record.

202. Power of county judge of Erie county to appoint court


203. Appointment of court attendant by special county judge of

Erie county.

204. Power of county judge of Nassau county to appoint court


207. Retirement of officers and employees by the judges of the

county court of Kings county.

208. Retirement of officers and employees by the judges of the

court of general sessions of the county of New York.