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This entry was published on 2022-05-27
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Judicial Administration
Judiciary (JUD) CHAPTER 30

Section 210. Administrative officers of the unified court system.

211. Administrative functions of the chief judge of the court

of appeals.

211-a. Required reports in capital cases.

212. Functions of the chief administrator of the courts.

213. Functions of the administrative board of the courts.

214. Judicial conference of the state of New York.

214-a. Functions of the judicial conference.

215. Special provisions applicable to appropriations made to

the judiciary in the legislature and judiciary budget.

216. Additional duties of the chief administrator; certain


217. Judicial associations; functions.

218. Audio-visual coverage of judicial proceedings.

219. Capital plans for court facilities.

219-a. The New York state judicial institute.

219-b. The New York state court officer academy.

219-c. Crimes involving sexual assault and the sexual abuse of

minors; judicial training.

219-d. Rules reviving certain actions; sexual offenses against


219-e. Rules reviving certain actions; sexual offenses.