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Courts of record
Judiciary (JUD) CHAPTER 30, ARTICLE 2
§ 2. Courts of record. Each of the following courts of the state is a
court of record:

1. The court for the trial of impeachments.

2. A court on the judiciary.

3. The court of appeals.

4. The appellate division of the supreme court in each department.

5. The supreme court.

6. The court of claims.

7. A county court in each county, except the counties of New York,
Bronx, Kings, Queens and Richmond.

8. The family court.

9. A surrogate's court in each county.

10. Each city court outside the city of New York.

11. The district court in each county or portion thereof in which such
court shall be established.

12. The civil court of the city of New York and the criminal court of
the city of New York.

All courts other than those specified in this section are courts not
of record.