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This entry was published on 2022-12-23
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General Provisions Relating to Courts and Judges
Judiciary (JUD) CHAPTER 30


Section 2. Courts of record.

2-a. Jurisdiction and powers of courts continued.

2-b. General powers of courts of record.

3. Use of term "court" prohibited.

4. Sittings of courts to be public.

4-a. Certain powers of the courts regarding civil arrests.

5. Courts not to sit on Sunday except in special cases nor on

Saturday in certain cases.

6. Adjournment of term of court of record to future day.

7. Adjournment of term on non-appearance of judge.

7-a. Vacancies or changes in judges; power of judge out of


7-b. Continuance of out of court proceedings before judges of

same court.

7-c. Continuance of special proceeding before another officer.

8. Emergency relocations of court terms.

9. Recusal; reason.

10. Courtroom designated the "Judge James F. Reitz Memorial


13. Court or judge may direct the filing of original

stenographic minutes with clerk.

13-a. Power to remove certain officers and to appoint


13-b. Oath of referee, receiver, commissioner or appraiser.

14. Disqualification of judge by reason of interest or


15. Judge of court of record not disqualified because a

resident or a taxpayer.

16. Judge prohibited from practicing law in his court.

17. Judge prohibited from practicing in cause which has been

before him.

18. Judge prohibited from taking fees for advice in matters

before him.

19. Judge must not be interested in costs.

20. Ex officio judge must not be interested in costs or

compensation of attorneys or counsellors in his court.

21. Judge other than of court of appeals or appellate division

not to decide question argued during his absence.

22. Certificates as to year of birth to be filed by certain

judicial officers.

23. Age limitation on term of judicial office.

24. Compensation of judges after removal.

25. Retirement of state-paid full-time judges or justices of

the unified court system and housing judges appointed

pursuant to subdivision (f) of section one hundred ten

of the New York city civil court act for disability.

25-a. Retirement of judicial officers.

27. (No section heading)

28. Amendment of minutes of stenographer.

29. Seal of court of record.

30. Lost or destroyed seal must be replaced.

30-a. Seal of Kings county and of the county clerk, the supreme

court and the county court in said county.

30-b. Seal of New York county and of the county clerk and the

supreme court.

30-c. Seal of Franklin county and of the county clerk and the

supreme court.

30-d. Seal of Albany county and of the county clerk and the

supreme court.

30-e. Seal of Livingston county and of the county clerk and the

supreme court.

30-f. Seal of Cortland county and of the county clerk, the

supreme court and the county court in said county.

31. Seals and records of former superior city courts.

33. Expense of certain criminal prosecutions to be borne by

the state.

34. Apportionment of expenses related to salaries or

compensation paid by the state in the first instance.

35. Assignment of counsel to indigent persons and appointment

of physicians in certain proceedings.

35-a. Statements to be filed by judges or justices fixing or

approving fees, commissions, or other compensation for

persons appointed by courts to perform services in

actions and proceedings.

35-b. Assignment of counsel and related services in criminal

actions in which a death sentence may be imposed.

36. Personal assistants to judges and justices.

37. Salary plan for non-judicial employees.

39. Unified court budget; first instance payments by state;

provision for prepayment; payment by localities;

transfer of non-judicial personnel.

39-a. Mediation.

39-b. Special provisions relating to court facilities.