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This entry was published on 2017-12-22
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Seal of Franklin county and of the county clerk and the supreme court
Judiciary (JUD) CHAPTER 30, ARTICLE 2
§ 30-c. Seal of Franklin county and of the county clerk and the
supreme court. 1. The county of Franklin, the county clerk of said
county and the supreme court therein, shall have and use the following

Description of Seal

The Seal shall be approximately 2 1/4 inches in diameter and shall
consist of two concentric circles; the inner circle to be divided into
four parts; the upper part of the space between such circles shall be
inscribed with the words in capital block letters "FRANKLIN COUNTY" in
the lower part shall be inscribed in capital block letters the word
"SEAL", and such Seal shall further bear the following: a farm scene
depicting a barn and silo in the upper left-hand one-quarter; a winter
scene of a person skiing in the upper right hand one-quarter; a scene of
a woodland stream in the lower right-hand one-quarter and a scene of a
deer in the lower left-hand one-quarter. It is intended that the
foregoing scenes depict acts found in Franklin county, including
farming, skiing, hiking, fishing and hunting.

2. The county clerk of Franklin county shall cause the design of said
seal (in black and white) to be engraved upon metal. From time to time
he shall obtain and make available, and keep in good order and repair as
many of such engraved metal seals as may be necessary for the proper
performance of the duties of his office and of the duties of the clerks
and officers in the supreme court authorized to use said seal. All the
expense incurred by the county clerk incident to said seal shall be a
county charge against the county of Franklin.

3. Such seal shall be used and affixed only: (a) by the county clerk
of Franklin county or by any deputy or clerk duly authorized by him; and
(b) by any justice of the supreme court resident in Franklin county, or
by any clerk or officer duly authorized by said justice.

4. The use of said seal or of any replica or simulation thereof, in
form or substance, by any unauthorized person or for any wrongful
purpose, is prohibited. Any violation of this prohibition shall be
deemed to be a misdemeanor and punishable as such.