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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Expense of certain criminal prosecutions to be borne by the state
Judiciary (JUD) CHAPTER 30, ARTICLE 2
§ 33. Expense of certain criminal prosecutions to be borne by the
state. The expenses of an investigation or prosecution in any county of
a matter or charge connected with, growing out of or relating to a
contract or contracts between the state, or any department, board,
commission or officer thereof, and any individual, firm or corporation,
if such prosecution or investigation shall have been ordered, directed,
or recommended by the governor, the legislature, a joint committee of
both houses of the legislature or a committee of either house, shall be
borne by the state. Such expenses shall be paid in the first instance by
the county, as the expenses of other criminal investigations or
prosecutions therein, but the county shall be reimbursed therefor out of
moneys appropriated for such purpose. Payments by the state under this
section shall be made from the treasury on the audit and warrant of the
comptroller to the order of the treasurer of the proper county, upon his
certified statement of the items of expenses paid by the county on
account of such investigations or prosecutions, accompanied by the
written approval of the attorney-general thereon. Such payments may be
made at any time during the pendency of any such investigation or
prosecution, for expenses accrued and paid by the county to the date of
the account, but not oftener than once in three months.