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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Attorney's lien in action, special or other proceeding
Judiciary (JUD) CHAPTER 30, ARTICLE 15
§ 475. Attorney's lien in action, special or other proceeding. From
the commencement of an action, special or other proceeding in any court
or before any state, municipal or federal department, except a
department of labor, or the service of an answer containing a
counterclaim, or the initiation of any means of alternative dispute
resolution including, but not limited to, mediation or arbitration, or
the provision of services in a settlement negotiation at any stage of
the dispute, the attorney who appears for a party has a lien upon his or
her client's cause of action, claim or counterclaim, which attaches to a
verdict, report, determination, decision, award, settlement, judgment or
final order in his or her client's favor, and the proceeds thereof in
whatever hands they may come; and the lien cannot be affected by any
settlement between the parties before or after judgment, final order or
determination. The court upon the petition of the client or attorney may
determine and enforce the lien.