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Attorneys and Counsellors
Judiciary (JUD) CHAPTER 30

Section 460. Examination and admission of attorneys.

460-b. Applications for special arrangements.

461. Compensation of state board of law examiners; appointment

and compensation of employees.

462. Annual account by state board of law examiners.

463. Times and places of examinations.

464. Certification by state board of successful candidates.

465. Fee for examinations and for credential review for

admission on motion; disposition; refunds; funds.

466. Attorney's oath of office.

467. Registration of attorneys.

468. Official registration of attorneys to be kept by the

chief administrator of the courts.

468-a. Biennial registration of attorneys.

468-b. Clients' security fund of the state of New York.

469. Continuance where attorney is member of legislature.

470. Attorneys having offices in this state may reside in

adjoining state.

471. Attorney who is judge's partner or clerk prohibited from

practicing before him or in his court.

472. Attorney who is surrogate's parent or child prohibited

from practicing berfore him.

473. Constables, coroners, criers and attendants prohibited

from practicing during term of office.

474. Compensation of attorney or counsellor.

474-a. Contingent fees for attorneys in claims or actions for

medical, dental or podiatric malpractice.

474-b. Attorney retainer statements.

475. Attorney's lien in action, special or other proceeding.

475-a. Notice of lien.

476. Action against attorney for lending his name in suits and

against person using name.

476-a. Action for unlawful practice of the law.

476-b. Injunction to restrain defendant from unlawful practice

of the law.

476-c. Investigation by the attorney-general.

477. Settlement of actions for personal injury.

478. Practicing or appearing as attorney-at-law without being

admitted and registered.

479. Soliciting business on behalf of an attorney.

480. Entering hospital to negotiate settlement or obtain

release or statement.

481. Aiding, assisting or abetting the solicitation of persons

or the procurement of a retainer for or on behalf of an


482. Employment by attorney of person to aid, assist or abet

in the solicitation of business or the procurement

through solicitation of a retainer to perform legal


483. Signs advertising services as attorney at law.

484. None but attorneys to practice in the state.

485. Violation of certain preceding sections a misdemeanor.

485-a. Violation of certain sections a class E felony.

486. Practice of law by attorney who has been disbarred,

suspended, or convicted of a felony.

486-a. Conviction for felony of person who is an attorney and

counselor at law; notice thereof to be given by clerk

to appropriate appellate division of the supreme court.

487. Misconduct by attorneys.

488. Buying demands on which to bring an action.

489. Purchase of claims by corporations or collection


490. Limitation.

491. Sharing of compensation by attorneys prohibited.

492. Use of attorney's name by another.

493. Attorneys forbidden to defend criminal prosecutions

carried on by their partners, or formerly by


494. Attorneys may defend themselves.

495. Corporations and voluntary associations not to practice


496. (Enacted without section heading).

497. Attorneys fiduciary funds; interest-bearing accounts.

498. Professional referrals.

499. Lawyer assistance committees.