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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Fees of trial jury
Judiciary (JUD) CHAPTER 30, ARTICLE 16
§ 521-a. Fees of trial jury. In any action or special proceeding in a
court of the unified court system that requires a juror's physical
attendance for more than thirty days, the court, by an order entered
into the minutes, shall notify the commissioner of jurors of such
service. The commissioner of jurors, upon receipt of such order and upon
verification of such service by the clerk of the court shall, upon
conclusion of such service, authorize as an additional allowance, the
sum of six dollars per day for each and every day of physical attendance
in excess of thirty days, wherein the court convenes. Such fees shall be
a state charge payable out of funds appropriated to the office of court
administration for the purpose.