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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Selection of Jurors
Judiciary (JUD) CHAPTER 30

Section 500. Declaration of policy.

501. Application of article.

502. Commissioner of jurors.

503. County jury board.

504. Appointment and removal of commissioner of jurors.

505. Oath of office.

506. Source of names.

507. Random selection.

508. Number to be selected.

509. Qualification of jurors.

510. Qualifications.

513. Form of questionnaire.

516. Commissioner of jurors to summon jurors.

517. Excuses and postponements.

518. Discharge by the court.

519. Right of juror to be absent from employment.

519-a. Right of sequestered jurors to be provided with food

conforming to religious tenets.

520. Trial jurors to serve in other parts, terms or courts.

521. Fees and travel expenses of jurors.

521-a. Fees of trial jury.

522. Appellate divisions to make rules.

523. Sheriff's jurors.

524. Disqualification of former jurors.

525. Trial and grand jurors; duration of service.

526. Presentation of claims by jurors and disposition of

unclaimed fees.

527. Procedure for noncompliance.

528. Collection of demographic data.