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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Judiciary (JUD) CHAPTER 30

Section 750. Power of courts to punish for criminal contempts.

751. Punishment for criminal contempts.

752. Requisites of commitment for criminal contempt; review of

certain mandates.

753. Power of courts to punish for civil contempts.

753-a. Contempts in cases involving or growing out of labor


754. Special proceeding to punish for contempt punishable


755. When punishment may be summary.

756. Application to punish for contempt; procedure.

757. Application to punish for contempt committed before


758. Notice to delinquent officer to show cause.

760. When application may be made.

761. Notice to accused; service.

767. When habeas corpus may issue.

770. Final order directing punishment; exception.

771. Punishment upon return of habeas corpus.

772. Punishment upon return of application.

773. Amount of fine.

774. Length of imprisonment and periodic review of


775. When court may release offender.

776. Offender liable to indictment.

777. Proceedings when accused does not appear.

778. Prosecution of undertaking by person aggrieved.

779. Prosecution of undertaking by attorney-general or

district attorney.

780. Sheriff liable for taking insufficient sureties.

781. Punishment of misconduct at trial term.