1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Judiciary
  4. Article 19: Contempts

Section 754 Special proceeding to punish for contempt punishable civilly

Judiciary (JUD)

Sections seven hundred and fifty, seven hundred and fifty-one, and seven hundred and fifty-two, do not extend to a special proceeding to punish a person in a case specified in section seven hundred and fifty-three. In a case specified in section seven hundred and fifty-three, or in any other case where it is specially prescribed by law, that a court of record, or a judge thereof, or a referee appointed by the court, has power to punish, by fine and imprisonment, or either, or generally as a contempt, a neglect or violation of duty, or other misconduct; and a right or remedy of a party to a civil action or special proceeding pending in the court, or before the judge or the referee, may be defeated, impaired, impeded, or prejudiced thereby, the offense must be punished as prescribed in the following sections of this article.