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Advisory council on farm labor safety
* § 12-d. Advisory council on farm labor safety. 1. There is hereby
established in the department of labor an advisory council on farm labor
safety to make a study and investigation of the problems of providing
adequate protection to farm workers against injuries arising out of
their employment. Such study and investigation shall include: (a) the
unique and special conditions involved in farm safety; (b) the need for
education and training programs for the protection of farm workers
against accidents; (c) the identification of areas where existing
educational and training programs are insufficient to provide adequate
protection to farm workers against accidents; (d) the methods of
encouraging farmers and farm groups to establish such education and
training programs; and (e) all matters and approaches for the protection
of farm workers against accidents referred by the industrial

2. The advisory council shall consist of ten members appointed by the
industrial commissioner. The members shall be representative of farmers,
growers, farm workers and other persons and groups concerned with
agricultural safety. One of the members shall be designated as chairman
by the industrial commissioner. The chairman of the board of standards
and appeals, the commissioner of agriculture and markets, the
commissioner of education, and the dean of the college of agriculture at
Cornell University, or their designated representatives, shall be
additional members of the council, who shall serve by virtue of their
positions, without voting power.

The industrial commissioner shall designate an officer or employee of
the department of labor to act as secretary of the advisory council, who
shall not be a member of such council and who shall not receive any
additional compensation therefor.

3. The advisory council may take testimony, subpoena witnesses, and
require the production of books, records and papers, and hold public or
private hearings.

4. The advisory council may request and shall receive such assistance,
service and data from any agency of the state or from any political
subdivision thereof as will enable it properly to carry out its
activities hereunder and effectuate the purposes herein set forth.

5. The advisory council shall, from time to time, but not less
frequently than on December first of each year, submit a report to the
industrial commissioner, and shall submit a final report on or before
March thirty-first, nineteen hundred seventy-two. Such reports may
include such recommendations as the council finds appropriate on the
basis of its studies and investigations.

6. The appointed members of the advisory council shall receive no
compensation for their services but shall receive in lieu of expenses
incurred in the performance of their duties the sum of sixty dollars for
each day or part thereof spent in attendance at meetings or otherwise in
the work of the council, but no member shall receive in excess of twelve
hundred dollars during any one fiscal year.

7. The advisory council may adopt rules and regulations to govern its
own proceedings. The secretary shall keep a record of all proceedings of
the council, which shall show the name of each member present at the
meetings and every matter considered by the council and the action taken
thereon. Such records shall be filed in the office of the secretary of
the department of labor.

* NB Expired March 31, 1972