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The Department of Labor
Labor (LAB) CHAPTER 31

Section 10. Department of labor; commissioner of labor.

10-a. Domestic violence policy.

10-b. Domestic violence employee awareness and assistance.

10-c. Workforce guidance and information for women initiative.

11. Deputy commissioner.

12. Transmission of labor market information.

12-c. Passenger tramway advisory council.

12-d. Advisory council on farm labor safety.

13. Oaths of office.

14. Offices of the department.

15. Seal.

16. Vacancies and removals.

17. Expenses.

18. Officers and employees.

18-c. Sick leave for per diem employees.

20. Divisions or bureaus.

21. General powers and duties of commissioner.

21-a. (Enacted without section heading).

21-b. Power of the industrial commissioner to make agreements

for federal reimbursement to the state of certain

expenses in connection with veterans' training.

21-c. Power of commissioner to enter into agreements relating to

certain federal acts.

21-d. Power of commissioner to enter into agreement relating to

information obtained by the state directory of new


21-e. Powers of the commissioner to prepare and issue a notice

to be posted at worksite.

21-f. Job transition plan for certain climate risk-related and

energy transition projects.

23. Administrative regulations.

24. Delegation of powers by commissioner.

25. Power to enter and inspect premises.

25-a. Power to administer the New York youth jobs program tax


25-b. Power to administer the workers with disabilities tax

credit program.

25-c. Power to administer the empire state apprenticeship tax

credit program.

26. Examination of books and papers.

27. Safety and health standards.

27-a. Safety and health standards for public employees.

27-b. Duty of public employers to develop and implement programs

to prevent workplace violence.

27-c. Preparation of public employers for state disaster

emergencies involving public health.

27-d. Workplace safety committees.

29. Procedure for issuing safety and health rules.

30. Variations.

31. Duty to furnish information and facilitate inspections.

32. Interference with officer or employee of department


33. Service of notice.

34. Department to keep record and publish bulletin of


35. Maintenance of records.

36. Destruction of old records.

37. Department's process to be in its name.

38. Oaths and affidavits.

39. Hearings and subpoenas.

40. Proceedings before officers or employees.

41. Rules governing hearings.

42. Youth education, employment and training program.

43. Transfer of funds to the unemployment insurance

occupational training fund.

44. Workplace fatality registry; construction.