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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Physical examination of employed minors; cancellation of employment certificate
§ 139. Physical examination of employed minors; cancellation of
employment certificate. 1. A medical inspector of the department of
labor shall require any minor sixteen or seventeen years of age employed
in or in connection with any trade, business, or service, to submit to a
physical examination by him if in his judgment such minor is physically
unfit for the work at which he is employed. The result shall be recorded
on a form filed with the commissioner.

2. If such minor fails to submit to such examination or if on
examination the inspector finds the minor physically unfit to be so
employed, he shall so report to the commissioner with his reasons
therefor and the commissioner, if he approves the report, shall then
cause the employment certificate issued in accordance with the education
law to be taken from the office of the employer and shall return the
same to the superintendent of schools recommending its cancellation.