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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Posting of hours
§ 144. Posting of hours. 1. The employer shall make a schedule for
all minors employed by the employer, setting forth the hours of
beginning and stopping and the time allowed for meals, which shall be
kept conspicuously posted in each establishment where such persons are

A change in the schedule of hours worked by minors pursuant to the
provisions of this chapter shall be allowed provided that the posted
schedule reflects the change. Nothing herein shall be construed so as
to affect the limitations on hours worked by such minors as set forth
elsewhere in this chapter.

2. The presence of any person subject to this article at any hours
other than those stated in the above notice, or the failure to post such
notice, shall constitute prima facie evidence of a violation of this

3. Where a person is employed in two or more establishments on the
same day or week, the total time of employment shall not exceed that
allowed per day or week in a single establishment.

4. Exception. If the commissioner finds that because of the nature of
the work in a factory it is practically impossible to fix the hours of
work weekly in advance, he may upon an application stating facts showing
the necessity therefor, grant a permit dispensing with the poster
required by this section. In every factory operating under such a
permit, a time book shall be kept in a form approved by the commissioner
showing the name and addresses of all employees subject to this
subdivision and the hours worked by each of them on each day. No person
shall knowingly make or suffer to be made a false entry in any such time
book. Such time book shall be kept for a period of six years and shall
be available upon request of the commissioner at the place of
employment. The permit shall be posted conspicuously in the factory, and
the commissioner may revoke the permit for failure to comply with the
provisions of this subdivision.