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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Educational requirement
§ 152. Educational requirement. 1. A child performer shall fulfill
educational requirements as set forth in part one of article sixty-five
of the education law. If a child performer is unable to meet such
educational requirements due to his or her employment schedule, the
employer shall be required to comply with subdivision two of this

2. (a) Any person, or agent or officer employing, either directly or
indirectly through a third person, a child performer certified pursuant
to this article shall provide a teacher, who is either certified or has
credentials recognized by the state of New York, to such child performer
to fulfill educational requirements pursuant to the education law. Such
child performer shall not be declared absent from school while working
pursuant to the permit requirement in accordance with this article. The
requirements of this section shall only be applicable when the child
performer is not receiving educational instruction due to his or her
employment schedule.

(b) A child performer receiving educational instruction pursuant to
this subdivision, and such child's parents or guardians, shall work with
the certified teacher provided to the child performer and the child's
school of enrollment to fulfill such educational requirements.

3. No minor having a permit to work issued by the department and no
minor under eighteen years of age, who is otherwise required by law to
be enrolled and attend school, shall be without educational instruction
and unemployed for a period longer than ten consecutive days while the
school of enrollment is in session.