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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Enforcement of violations; civil penalties
§ 153. Enforcement of violations; civil penalties. If the commissioner
finds that a child performer's employer has violated any provision of
this article or of a rule or regulation promulgated thereunder, the
commissioner may by an order which shall describe particularly the
nature of the violation, assess such employer a civil penalty of not
more than one thousand dollars for the first violation, not more than
two thousand dollars for a second violation and not more than three
thousand dollars for a third or subsequent violation. Such penalty shall
be paid to the commissioner and placed into the child performer's
protection fund established in section ninety-nine-j of the state
finance law and administered by the department. Monies accredited to the
child performer's protection fund shall be utilized for the purpose of
this article. The department shall promulgate rules and regulations for
the administration of the child performer's protection fund.