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This entry was published on 2022-12-23
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Laws and orders to be posted
§ 201. Laws and orders to be posted. Wherever persons are employed who
are affected by the provisions of this chapter or of the industrial
code, the commissioner shall furnish to the employer copies or abstracts
of such provisions, rules and orders as he may deem necessary affecting
such persons. The copies or abstracts shall be in such language as the
commissioner may require and shall be kept posted by the employer in a
conspicuous place on each floor of the premises. Digital versions of
such copies and abstracts shall also be made available through the
employer's website or by email. Employers shall provide notice that
documents required for physical posting are also available
electronically. All other documents required to be physically posted at
a worksite pursuant to state or federal law or regulation shall also be
made electronically available in the manner described pursuant to this