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General Provisions
Labor (LAB) CHAPTER 31

Section 200. General duty to protect health and safety of employees;


200-a. Laws to be posted at airports.

201. Laws and orders to be posted.

201-a. Fingerprinting of employees prohibited.

201-b. Fees for medical examination.

201-c. Discrimination in child-care leave prohibited.

201-d. Discrimination against the engagement in certain


201-e. Maintenance of employee-patient records at occupational

health service centers.

201-f. Posting regulations on employment of persons previously

convicted of one or more crimes.

201-g. Prevention of sexual harassment.

201-h. Posting of veterans' benefits and services.

201-i. Request for access to personal accounts prohibited.

202. Protection of the public and of persons engaged at window

cleaning and cleaning of exterior surfaces of


202-a. Leave of absence for bone marrow donations.

202-b. Leave for organ or bone marrow donation granted to state


202-c. Prevention of personal injuries in the use of ski tows,

other passenger tramways and downhill ski areas.

202-d. Coin-operated machines performing a manufacturing


202-e. Protection of persons employed on/in vehicular bridges

and/or tunnels.

202-f. Protection of hotel and motel employees against fire

hazards in employee housing facilities.

202-g. Display of fuel-connected appliances in wholesale or

retail store.

202-h. High-voltage proximity.

202-i. Leave of absence for military spouses.

202-j. Leave of absence for blood donation granted to employees.

202-k. Protection of persons employed in the broadcast industry.

202-l. Leave of absence for volunteer emergency responders.

203. Washrooms, washing facilities and waterclosets for

elevator employees.

203-a. Seats in certain passenger elevators or relief for the


203-b. Seats for female employees.

203-c. Employee privacy protection.

203-d. Employee personal identifying information.

203-e. Prohibition of discrimination based on an employee's or a

dependent's reproductive health decision making.

203-f. Inventions made by employees.

204. Inspection of boilers; enforcement; fees; identification;


204-b. Refunds.

205. Prohibition against eating meals in certain workrooms.

206. Prevention of personal injuries to persons engaged in

tree trimming.

206-a. Physical examinations of females.

206-c. Right of nursing employees to express breast milk.

207. Protection of employees at switchboards.

207-a. Employee safety in work on energized high voltage lines.

208. Labels, brands and marks used by labor organizations.

209. Illegal use of labels, brands and marks; injunction


209-a. Fraudulent representation in labor organizations.

210. Proceedings for nonenforcement.

210-a. Legal duty to employees.

211. Protection of employees.

211-a. Prohibition against use of funds.

212. Drinking water for farm laborers.

212-a. Migrant registration law.

212-b. Farm labor camp commissaries; issuance of permit;

renewal, refusal, suspension, and revocation of permit;

rules and regulations.

212-c. Definitions.

212-d. Field sanitation for farm hand workers, farm field

workers and farm food processing workers.

213. Violations of provisions of labor law; the rules,

regulations or orders of the industrial commissioner

and the industrial board of appeals.

213-a. Special provisions regarding the purchasing of apparel or

sports equipment by the state university of New York

and the city university of New York.

214. Criminal prosecution.

215. Penalties and civil action; prohibited retaliation.

215-a. Discrimination against employees for failure to meet

certain ticket quotas.

215-b. Children; adverse information; notification.

215-c. Discrimination against employees for displaying the

American flag.

216. Failure to pay statutory inspection fees.

217. Employee notification and remittance of premiums; group

policies of accident and health insurance.

218. Violations of certain provisions; civil penalties.

218-a. Sun safety education for state employees.

218-b. Prevention of occupational exposure to an airborne

infectious disease.

219. Violations of certain wage payment provisions; interest,

filing of order as judgment.

219-a. Affirmation in lieu of oath.

219-c. Public notice of employer violations.

219-d. Emergency alert notification system employer