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This entry was published on 2023-12-01
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Payment of Wages
Labor (LAB) CHAPTER 31

Section 190. Definitions.

191. Frequency of payments.

191-a. Definitions.

191-b. Contracts with sales representatives.

191-c. Payment of sales commission.

191-d. Payment of wages for freelance workers.

192. Cash payment of wages.

193. Deductions from wages.

194. Differential in rate of pay because of protected class

status prohibited.

194-a. Wage or salary history inquiries prohibited.

194-b. Mandatory disclosure of compensation or range of


195. Notice and record-keeping requirements.

196. Powers of commissioner.

196-a. Complaints by employees to commissioner.

196-b. Sick leave requirements.

196-c. Leave time for COVID-19 vaccination.

196-d. Gratuities.

197. Civil penalty.

198. Costs, remedies.

198-a. Criminal penalties.

198-b. "Kick-back" of wages prohibited.

198-c. Benefits or wage supplements.

198-d. Posting regulations on illegal wage deductions.

198-e. Construction industry wage theft.

199. Rules and regulations.

199-a. Notification of process.