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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Seats for female employees
§ 203-b. Seats for female employees. A sufficient number of suitable
seats, with backs where practicable, shall be provided and maintained in
every factory, mercantile establishment, freight or passenger elevator,
hotel and restaurant for female employees who shall be allowed to use
the seats to such an extent as may be reasonable for the preservation of
their health. In factories, female employees shall be allowed to use
such seats whenever they are engaged in work which can be properly
performed in a sitting posture. In mercantile establishments, at least
one seat shall be provided for every three female employees and if the
duties of such employees are to be performed principally in front of a
counter, table, desk or fixture, such seats shall be placed in front
thereof, or if such duties are to be performed principally behind such
counter, table, desk or fixture they shall be placed behind the same.