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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Employee personal identifying information
§ 203-d. Employee personal identifying information. 1. An employer
shall not unless otherwise required by law:

(a) Publicly post or display an employee's social security number;

(b) Visibly print a social security number on any identification badge
or card, including any time card;

(c) Place a social security number in files with unrestricted access;

(d) Communicate an employee's personal identifying information to the
general public. For purposes of this section, "personal identifying
information" shall include social security number, home address or
telephone number, personal electronic mail address, Internet
identification name or password, parent's surname prior to marriage, or
drivers' license number.

2. A social security number shall not be used as an identification
number for purposes of any occupational licensing.

3. The commissioner may impose a civil penalty of up to five hundred
dollars on any employer for any knowing violation of this section. It
shall be presumptive evidence that a violation of this section was
knowing if the employer has not put in place any policies or procedures
to safeguard against such violation, including procedures to notify
relevant employees of these provisions.