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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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§ 212-c. Definitions. As used in section two hundred twelve-b: 1.
"Persons" includes any individual, firm, partnership, association, or

2. "Farm labor camp commissary" means a place where goods are offered
for sale or lease and which is operated in or in connection with a farm
labor camp, including meals sold to workers. "Farm labor camp
commissary" includes a building, shed, or structure, or any part
thereof, occupied as a farm labor camp commissary.

3. "Farm labor camp" means a property consisting of a tract of land
and all tents, vehicles, buildings, or other structure pertaining
thereto, any part of which may be occupied by persons employed as
laborers in farm activities who are provided with sleeping facilities,
in whole or in part, by the owner, lessee, or operator thereof, with or
without stipulated agreement as to the duration of their stay, whether
or not they are supplied with meals but who are supplied with such
services or facilities as are necessary for their use of such property.
The term, "farm activities" shall include the following activities in
connection with vegetables and fruits and the plants, bushes, or trees
producing the vegetables or fruits: fitting, planting, cultivating,
harvesting, vining, sorting, grading, packing, storing, canning,
freezing, dehydrating, bottling and preserving or treating by any

4. "Goods" includes all goods, wares, merchandise, food or any article
or thing.