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This entry was published on 2023-08-18
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Public Work
Labor (LAB) CHAPTER 31

Section 220. Hours, wages and supplements.

220-a. Statements showing amounts due for wages and

supplements to be filed--Verification.

220-b. Amounts due for wages and supplements may be withheld

for benefit of laborers.

220-c. Contractor or subcontractor verifying false statement

guilty of perjury.

220-d. Minimum rate of wage and supplement.

220-e. Provisions in contracts prohibiting discrimination on

account of race, creed, color or national origin in

employment of citizens upon public works.

220-f. Labor policy of the state with regard to public work

contracts; participation in an international boycott


220-g. Additional enforcement of article.

220-h. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

construction safety and health course.

220-i. Registration system for contractors and subcontractors.

221. Company stores.

221-a. Permits required.

221-b. Issue of permits.

222. Project labor agreements.

222-a. Prevention of dust hazard in public works.

223. Enforcement of article.

224. Contracting for public work; enforcement.

224-a. Prevailing wage requirements applicable to construction

projects performed under private contract.

224-b. Stop-work orders.

224-c. Public subsidy board.

224-d. Wage requirements for certain renewable energy systems.

224-e. Wage requirements for certain broadband projects.

224-f. Wage requirements for certain climate risk-related and

energy transition projects.

224-f*2. Workers on excavations.