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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Sun safety education for state employees
§ 218-a. Sun safety education for state employees. 1. Any state
employee who spends more than a total of five hours per week outdoors
shall be provided information about (a) the potential dangers of
diseases caused by over-exposure of the sun, such as skin cancer, (b)
the existence of available protections and their proper uses, and (c)
any other information necessary to afford an employee his or her best
opportunity to protect themselves from the sun.

2. An employer of any employee subject to subdivision one of this
section shall ensure that any necessary information is given to each
employee for his or her use during their employment, at no cost to the

3. The commissioner, in consultation with the commissioner of
education, shall determine the form and content of the information
supplied to the state employees who are subject to the provisions of
this section.