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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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§ 471. Rules. The board of standards and appeals shall make rules to
carry out the provisions of this article. Such rules shall be the
minimum standard required and shall supersede any special law or local
ordinance inconsistent therewith, and no local ordinance inconsistent
therewith shall be adopted, but nothing herein contained shall prevent
the enactment by local ordinance of additional requirements and
restrictions. Such rules of the board of standards and appeals for the
construction, equipment and maintenance of places of public assembly,
shall be subject to the procedure set forth in sections twenty-nine and
thirty of this chapter, may be limited in their application to certain
classes of buildings or to the conditions under which they are operated,
and some or all of them may apply only to those buildings or places to
be constructed, maintained or conducted in the future. Such rules shall
have the force and effect of law and be enforced in the same manner as
the provisions of this chapter.