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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Application of this article
§ 695-f. Application of this article. 1. The office of children and
family services shall meet with the designated representative of those
units of child care providers, either jointly or separately, for the
purpose of entering into a written agreement to the extent feasible. The
agreement may address the stability, funding and operation of child care
programs, expansion of quality child care, improvement of working
conditions, salaries and benefits and payment for child care providers.
If issues under discussion require the participation and/or approval of
other state agencies, those agencies shall participate in the
discussions. Nothing herein shall require that an agreement be reached
on any matters described above.

2. In the event an agreement is reached, it shall be embodied in
writing between the office of children and family services and other
affected agencies and the designated representative. The agreement shall
be binding on the state, contingent upon any regulatory or legislative
action that may be required.

3. If legislative or regulatory action or appropriation of funds is
required the parties will jointly seek such action.