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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Legal effect
§ 695-g. Legal effect. Nothing herein shall:

1. Permit child care providers collectively the right to engage in a
strike or to take work action to secure any right or privilege from the
state or its agencies;

2. Render a child care provider a state officer or employee or in any
way imply an employee-employer relationship with the state or its
subdivisions, including but not limited to a public retirement system,
public health insurance program, unemployment insurance, workers
compensation, disability coverage, New York civil service law or
indemnification under the public officers law;

3. Alter any current regulations, policies or procedures for health,
safety, discipline inspection or enforcement applicable to child care
providers or programs unless agreed to and enacted;

4. Interfere with the existing relationship between consumers and
child care providers including existing rights of parents or guardians
to change or terminate a provider's service;

5. Interfere with any ability of child care providers or child care
provider representatives to meet or correspond with any state agency
with regard to any matter of relevance; and

6. Create any contractual right or obligations.