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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Boards of inquiry in labor disputes
§ 800. Boards of inquiry in labor disputes. Where any strike, lockout,
or other labor dispute exists or is apprehended, the commissioner, for
the purpose of inquiring into the causes and circumstances of the
dispute may, if he thinks fit, refer any matters appearing to him to be
connected with or relevant to the dispute to a board of inquiry
appointed by him for the purpose of such reference; and the board shall,
either in public or in private, at its discretion, and at any place
within the state, inquire into the matters referred to it and report
thereon to the commissioner. Provided, however, that no such reference
shall be made unless and until there shall have been filed with the
commissioner a certificate of the state board of mediation stating that
in its opinion efforts to effect a voluntary settlement of the dispute
have been unsuccessful.