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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Local, regional and state joint apprenticeship committees
§ 814. Local, regional and state joint apprenticeship committees.
Local and state joint apprenticeship committees may be approved, in any
trade or group of trades, in cities, regions of the state or trade
areas, by the industrial commissioner, whenever the apprentice training
needs of such trade or group of trades or such regions justify such
establishment. Such local, regional or state joint apprenticeship
committees shall be composed of an equal number of employer and employee
representatives chosen from names submitted by the respective local or
state employer and employee organizations in such trade or group of
trades; also such additional members representing local boards of
education or other educational agencies as may be deemed advisable. In
a trade or group of trades in which there is no bona fide employer or
employee organization, the joint committee shall be composed of persons
known to represent the interests of employers and of employees
respectively or a state joint apprenticeship committee may be approved
as, or the state apprenticeship council may act itself as, the joint
committee in such trade or group of trades. Subject to the review of the
industrial commissioner and in accordance with the standards established
by the industrial commissioner, such committees may devise standards for
apprenticeship agreements and give such aid as may be necessary in their
operation, in their respective trades and localities.