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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Statement of public policy
§ 820. Statement of public policy. There are persons who lack the
academic and career education and training necessary to obtain and hold
employment in the contemporary economy because of dislocations arising
from automation and other technological developments, foreign
competition, relocation of industry, shifts in market demands, and other
changes in the economy. The skills of many other persons who are
currently employed are being rendered obsolete by such dislocations in
the economy. Unless such persons are given appropriate career and
related education and training, many of them and their families are
doomed to lifelong unemployment or underemployment and dependency on the
aid, care and support of the welfare agencies of the state and its
political subdivisions; with appropriate career and related education
and training; many of them would become qualified for occupational
categories which remain unfilled because of shortages of qualified

Accordingly, it is the purpose of this act to authorize the state
government to develop programs of career and related education and
training which will permit persons who face the hazards of unemployment
and underemployment to develop skills which are useful in the
contemporary economy and to assist such persons to participate in such