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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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State training courses
§ 821. State training courses. The commissioner may provide for career
and related, institutional and on-the-job training courses as described
in section five hundred ninety-nine of this chapter and for the
administration of public work projects for recipients of public
assistance, and may contract for these purposes with public and private
agencies including public and private institutions of learning,
employers or other appropriate organizations. He shall select for and
refer to such training courses unemployed and under-employed persons who
would meet the conditions for approval as specified in section five
hundred ninety-nine of this chapter. He shall select and refer to public
work projects all public assistance recipients registered at employment
offices of the department who are neither referred thereby for
employment in the regular economy or for career training, nor assigned
to public works projects by social welfare officials. The commissioner
may provide for such payments, either in advance or by way of
reimbursement, from funds made available to carry out the purposes of
this article, as he deems necessary.