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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Authorization and standards for allowances
§ 822. Authorization and standards for allowances. The commissioner,
in accordance with standards established by him, may pay to a person
enrolled in such courses, training, subsistence, and transportation
allowances. In setting standards for:

1. training allowances, the commissioner shall consider the relative
needs of the trainees, wages earned by them, and benefits payable to
them under the general provisions of article eighteen of this chapter,
provided, however, that no training allowance shall exceed by more than
ten dollars the average statewide gross benefit rate under such article
for a week of total unemployment during the most recent
four-calendar-quarter period for which such data are available,
augmented by five dollars a week for each dependent over two up to a
maximum of four additional dependents.

2. subsistence allowances, the commissioner shall consider the cost to
the trainees of living away from their normal residences where this is
necessitated by the location and nature of the training facilities,
provided, however, that no such allowance shall exceed five dollars a

3. transportation allowances, the commissioner shall consider the cost
to the trainees of commuting and long-distance travel necessitated by
the nature and location of the training facilities.