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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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State level activities, rapid response
§ 840. State level activities, rapid response. 1. The state shall be
responsible for rapid response activities pursuant to section 312.1 of
the federal Job Training Partnership Act (P.L. 97-300), coordination of
title III activity and the state unemployment insurance program, state
and regional projects and demonstrations, and the discretionary
allocation of additional funds to substate areas based on determination
of need.

2. The state's designated dislocated worker unit shall have the
capability to provide rapid response services to dislocated workers
affected by a substantial layoff or a plant closing. Such services shall

(a) on site intervention within forty-eight hours of notification of
either a plant closing or a substantial layoff;

(b) provision of emergency basic readjustment services as needed;

(c) promotion of labor-management cooperation through the initiation,
with the department of economic development, where appropriate, of
labor-management committees;

(d) development, with the department of economic development, of an
early warning system;

(e) dissemination of information on dislocated worker services
available under title III of the federal Job Training Partnership Act
(P.L. 97-300) and other appropriate services funded by the federal,
state, and local governments;

(f) provision of technical assistance to substate grantees;

(g) receipt of notifications of layoffs and closings and provision to
substate grantees of such information as soon as possible to assure the
maximum local response;

(h) coordination between rapid response activities and the
unemployment insurance system and the job training partnership system,
state and local economic development activities and the regional
education centers of the state education department; and

(i) notification of appropriate state agency staff and coordination
with the activities of central, local or regional staff of the
departments of labor, economic development and education to facilitate
additional on-site contact with employer and employee representatives
within a short period of time, preferably forty-eight hours, after
becoming aware of a current or projected permanent closure or
substantial layoff in order to provide information on and facilitate
access to available public programs and services.

3. The commissioner may, under exceptional circumstances, authorize
the designated dislocated worker unit to provide rapid response services
when the employment loss is for less than twenty-five employees, is not
at a single site of employment or does not take place during a single
thirty day period. For purposes of this subdivision, exceptional
circumstances include those situations which would have a major impact
on the community or communities in which they occur.