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Regional and demonstration projects
§ 841. Regional and demonstration projects. 1. Demonstration
projects. (a) The state unit shall conduct statewide projects and
demonstration programs to address the needs of distressed industries and
to provide for projects that would lead to the development of innovative
strategies to meet the needs of dislocated workers.

(b) Such projects shall emphasize retraining, and include counseling
and assessment components.

(c) Funding for such projects shall be allocated through a contract
process subject to the state plan and in coordination with the substate
grantees affected.

(d) Funding for projects and programs shall be made available in
annual rounds, by December thirty-first of each fiscal year beginning in
nineteen hundred eighty-nine. The department shall, by rule, establish
a solicitation and award evaluation process for funds made available for
this purpose. Such rules shall specify the criteria by which the
department shall evaluate proposals and determine which shall receive
funding. The evaluation process shall consider the ability of the
provider to accomplish the proposal based on past performance,
administrative capability and fiscal responsibility, the innovativeness
of the proposal, the expected improvement in the delivery of services
within the area served by the substate grantee, the extent to which
elements of the proposal may be replicated in other service areas within
the state, and such other factors as the commissioner shall, by rule,

2. Regional projects. The state unit shall provide extended
retraining and basic readjustment services directly through the
department, through awards to substate grantees or through awards by the
department to service providers. Substate grantees shall have preference
in receiving such grants. Such grants shall be made available from funds
allocated to the state pursuant to paragraph (e) of subdivision four of
section eight hundred forty-seven of this article and shall be subject
to such requirements as are imposed by section eight hundred forty-seven
of this article.